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Creative Storage Solutions

green boxOne of the common concerns about making the decision to move to a particular apartment home is whether it has enough space for your things.   Many apartment homes are designed to maximize available storage, but if you find yourself wanting to minimize clutter, here are just a few  of many possible suggestions which will help to make your apartment home an even more enjoyable environment.

  • Give it away.  Donate, swap or toss outdated, damaged or extra items that you no longer need or want.  It is very liberating to be free of things that are not enhancing your life.
  • Use Command Hooks.  These very affordable, easily removable hooks allow you to place purses, coats, hats, umbrellas and backpacks on an out of the way wall instead of cramming them in your closet.
  • Optimize Under-the-Bed Storage.  Using bed risers, you can elevate your bed in order to stack labeled storage boxes or deep bins especially designed for this purpose.
  • Dual Purpose Furniture Does Double Duty.  Manufacturers sell sensibly priced furniture which provides multiple uses for a single item.  Examples of these are an ottoman with inside storage, a table with a drop-down leaf, which can be used as a desk, and a sitting bench with basket storage underneath.
  • Use Expandable Shelves.  These handy removable lifesavers can double your kitchen space by increasing your vertical shelf storage with easier access to your plates, glasses, and dishes.  Variations include shelves especially made for pots and cans too.
  • Hang Storage Racks Over the Doors.  Use hanging shoe organizers for more than just shoes. You can use them to store odds and ends in your bedroom, or toiletries in the bathroom.  These versatile organizers are perfect for storing lotions, creams, curling irons, or anything you might otherwise leave out on your dresser or countertop. Just be careful that you don’t overload it and have pads to prevent damage to the door.

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